This is what our current food system looks like, and how we want to make it better.

Did you know that our city has a guiding document we can reference showing us the structure of everything to do with food in Calgary, telling us what the issues are, what is working, and what we need to make it even better?

The CalgaryEATS! Food System Assessment & Action Plan was developed and approved by Council at The City of Calgary in 2012. Along with the areas mentioned, it outlines recommendations for building a more sustainable and resilient food system based on the targets set for Calgary’s 100-year vision called imagineCALGARY. A summary of the plan was also created which includes top line information.

The Calgary EATS! 2014 Progress Report is the first monitoring report of its kind. Along with an overview of what is happening in Calgary, the report includes performance measurement as well as three key findings:

  • Food is an economic driver,
  • Food builds resilient communities, and
  • Food is integral to healthy citizens.