Strategic planning to shape the direction

Our Mandate and Initiatives:
The overall mandate for the Calgary EATS! Stewardship Group is to:

  • Build partnerships and catalyze action within and between Action Teams and in alignment with the Action Plan, and
  • Support and monitor the progress of action items identified within the Action Plan; and
  • Monitor progress on achieving the food vision and principles within the context of imagineCALGARY food-related targets.
  • In addition, in 2015 the Calgary EATS! Stewardship Group will implement a number of specific actions items. These include:

Strategic planning to shape the direction of the organization. Calgary EATS! will be evaluating and implementing strategies to broaden the partnership’s organizational capacity and effectiveness.
Identify, develop and implement a food-related project that showcases and advances the principles of a sustainable food system

PLEASE NOTE: Calgary EATS! has identified Food Waste as the focus for 2016
Increase marketing and communications in the community to expand Calgary EATS! reach
Organize and host our annual community food event that aligns with the thematic focus (Food Waste)
Identify and develop grants and other funding sources
Identify and develop policy initiatives and position papers to advance the achievement of a sustainable, healthy, and just food system in Calgary

Time Commitment:
If you are interested in joining the Calgary EATS! Stewardship Group you will need to commit to seven to eight meetings per year. In addition, members will be expected to participate in one or more Action Teams (to carry out a particular action item or target), and to contribute to the planning and implementation of our yearly events and project(s). Calgary EATS! Stewardship Group members serve for a period of one year, but can reapply to serve in the following year (to a maximum of 3 years).

If you are a successful applicant to the Stewardship Group, please be available for a meeting on November 16th 3:00-5:00pm.