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People often refer to non-correlation when they talk about diversification. Non-correlational assets are the ones that counterbalance the investors’ volatility. These can be sort of achieved by diversification. Non-correlation is rare these days and many experts are researching on finding the most efficient non-correlation portfolio.

Nowadays, gold has become the most popular non-correlation asset. There is an upsurge in the price of buy gold Canada in many bear markets. When there is volatility in the stock market, people run to the safety of gold. This helps in remaining diversified.

Are you planning to diversify assets with buy gold Canada stocks? Also, are looking for trade under $20? Below is a list best 3 gold miners suiting your criteria.

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For the past five years, Centerrahas carved a niche for itself by being a great buy and hold stock. Centerra has a market capitalization of $2 billion which ensures you ample space for gaining profitable growth. The company received more than 30% return of share since 2014 along with a 14% return for the TSX.

The company produced 730,000 ounces last year with an all-in cost of mere $754 per ounce. Centerra has managed to mint consistent profit although many other traders in the industry are facing huge losses. The company has made a whopping $500 million in earning after posting profits for consecutive 4 years. The production of gold is expected to rise another 10,000 ounces this year while the cost is anticipated to remain stable.

Centerra provides the best diversification in the stock market today. The company’s product generation is steadily rising, profitable and provides cheaper shares.



Operating one of the biggest gold mines in Canada, Detour roughly generates 630,000 ounces of gold per year. Detour had tripled their share four times over the last 10 years. Though the company has given up the stock gains in every instance, Detour still provides a promising diversification for your portfolio.

Unlike Centerra, the cost structure of Detour is not very attractive as their all-in price is $1,200 per ounce. The shares appear volatile mainly due to this thin margin of profit. The stock’s profits will explode if there is a surge in the buying gold Canada price and if the price drops, then the future of the company will be at stake.

The stock does provide some unique diversification even though its upside potential does not guarantee a steady profit.



Endeavour’s gold is generated in West Africa. Though this carries certain risk elements, the company has managed to introduce some unique ways to diversify client’s shares in different geographical locations.

At around $770 per ounce, the all-in cost of Endeavour is low. Having a dedicated management team has helped in lowering the all-in production cost of the company every year since 2013. The endeavour will be able to maintain the cash flow for a few more years as it has low-cost projects and a pipeline with double long-lives. The stock has outperformed during bear markets which prove its potential. Endeavour is a riskier play, yet offers a distinctive way to diversify investments.