Thank you for visiting our page and for your interest in Calgary EATS!

Since the City of Calgary's Food System Assessment and Action Plan was approved by City Council, Calgary EATS! has played an active role in building food system awareness through our annual events, and by taking on small pilot projects addressing food system issues such as urban fruit production and food waste.

Over the past few months, Calgary EATS! has taken time to reflect and to evaluate our current understanding of the role in our local food system. Moving forward, our vision is to evolve and renew the role of Calgary EATS! as a convener and network leader, to allow for better collaboration with food system actors and the community, and to create greater impact in Calgary’s food system. Over the next few months we will be working hard behind the scenes to continue some deep learning, focus our approach, and build out a strategic plan.

We want to thank those of you who have volunteered, attended events and provided expertise over the past few years! If you'd like to receive updates on our work, or if you're interested in joining the network once we have completed our planning process, please sign up here

The City of Calgary is continuing its work associated with its Food System Assessment and Action Plan. If you are interested in following the City of Calgary’s food system work or in learning about the FSAAP, click here.